So, you think you might want to get away for a night (or 5) ?!?!

Here is how you can make that happen!

1.) Text! 214-808-6727  
Our preferred method of communication because we can usually get back to you within minutes!

We all know that this means that you will possibly be reaching McKBnB while its’ hosts are

cleaning the kitchen, hanging laundry, baking biscotti, at church, or otherwise preoccupied.

That’s ok. Just text the following:

  • your name and or aliases
  • how many guests (it’s ok to admit that you are coming alone)
  • date of arrival and date of departure (from the house, not from this earth)
  • which room (because we have 3, not counting the backyard.)

In most cases, you will get an semi-automatic response.

Unless it’s between 6pm and 6am.

If you get a response then, probably a good idea to delete it or possibly tweet it.

2.) Call! 214-808-6727
Hopefully, you will reach one of your esteemed hosts/cooks/maids and we will tell you

right there on the spot if we can accommodate you or not.

We are even willing to “hold” a room for you while you check all the other places you think you want to go.

We know you will call back.

And speaking of calling back, if you happen to call and are given the opportunity to leave a voice mail, please do!

We like juicy detailed messages, so bring it!

3.) Email us!
This is a good way to sneak a few questions our way without feeling like you have committed to anything.

Then, if you like what we say back to you, we can talk by phone or email.

One of these days, we might add a fancy calendar and a reservation service, but probably not.

So if you are a little inclined to have your fingers do the talking, then type away!

Ask us anything about our menus, rooms, rates, dogs, the Rangers, etc., and we will do our best

to get back to you pretty darn fast. If not, I would suggest calling or texting or...

4.) Facebook inbox message! www.
You don’t want to post it on our wall.

Then the whole world will know that you are leaving town and there’s a good chance your lawnmower

will be gone when you get home. So, send a private message.

Again, give us all the stats listed in #1. We will reply super fast.

After that, be a dear, and write us back and either confirm or say “not this time; catchya on the flip side.”

Here’s what happens if you don’t write us back to let us know if you want to book the night or not:

We sit around for days and stare sadly at the computer and check our cords and our wi-fi settings

and sometimes ONE of the hosts actually uses it as an excuse to consume large amounts of alcohol

while watching back to back episodes of “Big Bang Theory.”


Check-in is a very fashionable 3. Check-out time is at 10. (That's 10 in the morning!)                                      

(All major credit cards accepted! Also any kind of paper money is nice, too!)

Oh yes, one more thing: 
We really hope that you have learned all the scary facts about smoking,
and have decided by now to quit, and picked up some other less life-threatening habit.
However, if you haven't, while we deeply appreciate lifelong routines
and the overt comforts they bring us,

in our 120 year old all wood house!

(...or on the wooden porches or decks, and even on our cement sidewalks, in our tiled restrooms, backyard, front yard,
or side yards or parking areas.)
So, ask yourself: Do I want to smoke or do I want an incredible
getaway at McKinney Bed and Breakfast? Yep, we thought so!

We also are not fond of burping, but we do allow it in the guest rooms.


All 5-star reviews!